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Benefits of Internally Threaded Jewelry

by Hadas Milrod on November 10, 2023

Internally threaded jewelry offers several advantages over externally threaded jewelry, especially in the context of body piercings. Here are some benefits of internally threaded jewelry:

  1. Smoothing Insertion: Internally threaded jewelry has a smooth bar that enters the piercing, reducing the likelihood of tissue damage or irritation during insertion. The lack of threads on the bar prevents friction and tearing of the piercing channel.

  2. Reduced Discomfort: Because there are no threads on the bar that passes through the piercing, there is less discomfort and pain during the insertion and removal process. This is particularly important for fresh or sensitive piercings.

  3. Quicker Healing: Internally threaded jewelry reduces trauma to the piercing site, which can promote faster healing. Reduced irritation means the body can focus on the healing process rather than dealing with continuous irritation from the jewelry.

  4. Minimized Risk of Infection: Internally threaded jewelry reduces the risk of infection because there are no threads that can harbor bacteria. External threads can sometimes cause small tears in the piercing, providing a potential entry point for bacteria.

  5. Customization: Internally threaded jewelry often comes with interchangeable ends. This means you can change the look of your jewelry without removing the entire piece from the piercing. This reduces the frequency of removal and insertion, which can be beneficial for the healing process.

  6. Durability: Internally threaded jewelry tends to be more durable because the threading is inside the barbell, protecting it from wear and tear. External threads are more prone to damage, which can compromise the integrity of the jewelry.

  7. Professional Preference: Many professional piercers prefer internally threaded jewelry because it is easier to work with during the piercing process. The smooth bar reduces the risk of complications during the initial piercing.

  8. Aesthetics: Internally threaded jewelry often has a sleeker, more polished appearance because there are no visible threads. This can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the jewelry and the piercing.

It's important to note that while internally threaded jewelry offers these advantages, proper aftercare and hygiene practices are crucial for the overall health and healing of a piercing, regardless of the type of jewelry used.