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How to Properly Store Jewelry

by Hadas Milrod on January 09, 2024

Properly storing your jewelry helps prevent damage, tangling, and oxidation, ensuring that your pieces remain in good condition. Here are some of our top tips on how to store different types of jewelry:

  1. Keep Jewelry Dry: Moisture can cause metals to tarnish and gemstones to become dull. Before storing your jewelry, make sure it is completely dry, especially if you've worn it and it came into contact with water, lotion, perfume, or was hand-washed.

  2. Separate Pieces: Prevent scratches, tangles, and damage by storing each piece of jewelry separately. Use individual compartments, pouches, or small jewelry boxes to keep items apart.

  3. Use Jewelry Boxes or Organizers: Invest in a sturdy jewelry box or organizer with compartments for various types of jewelry. We highly recommend options with a soft lining to protect delicate pieces from scratches.

  4. Hang Necklaces and Bracelets: Consider using jewelry hangers or stands for necklaces and bracelets. Hanging them helps prevent tangling and makes it easy to see and access each piece.

  5. Use Anti-Tarnish Strips or Pouches: For silver jewelry, consider using anti-tarnish strips or pouches. These help absorb moisture and prevent tarnishing.

  6. Store Earrings Properly: Keep pairs of earrings together, and use an earring organizer or a dedicated section in your jewelry box. If you have stud earrings, consider using a small tray or an ice cube tray for easy visibility and access. Large pieces should still be separated as needed so as to avoid scratches or tangling.

  7. Avoid Sunlight and Heat: Store your jewelry away from direct sunlight and heat. Prolonged exposure can cause colors to fade and certain materials to deteriorate.

  8. Wrap Delicate Pieces: For delicate or easily scratched jewelry, wrap each piece in a soft cloth or tissue before storing it. This adds an extra layer of protection.

  9. Label Storage Compartments: If you have a large jewelry collection, consider labeling the compartments in your storage containers. This makes it easier to find specific pieces.

  10. Secure Rings in Trays: Use ring trays with slots or individual compartments to keep rings secure and prevent them from scratching each other. We do not recommend stacking rings, especially if they have gemstones or polished finishes.

  11. Regularly Clean and Inspect: Before storing your jewelry, give it a quick clean to remove any oil, residue or debris. Regularly inspect your pieces for loose stones or damaged clasps.

  12. Lock and Secure: If you have valuable or sentimental pieces, we recommend storing them in a safe or a secure location, especially when you're away from home. Consider storage options with a lock and key, child-proof closures, or sleek (vs flashy or colorful) design. 

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your jewelry remains in good condition and is ready to be worn whenever you want to accessorize.