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Nose Jewelry 101

by Hadas Milrod on November 21, 2023

Nose jewelry comes in various styles, shapes, and materials, allowing individuals to express their personal style. Here are some common types of nose pieces:

  1. Nostril Stud:

    • This is a simple and classic type of nose ring. It consists of a straight post with a decorative end that sits on the outside of the nostril.

  2. Nostril Screw:

    • Similar to the nostril stud, the nostril screw has a curved post that follows the contour of the nostril. The curved design helps to keep the jewelry in place.

  3. Nostril Hoop or Ring:

    • Nose hoops or rings are circular pieces of jewelry that go through the nostril piercing. They come in various diameters and styles, including seamless rings, captive bead rings, and hinged rings.

  4. L-shaped Nose Pin:

    • This type of nose ring has an L-shaped post, with one end inserted into the nostril and the other resting against the outer part of the nostril.

  5. Nose Bone:

    • Nose bones have a straight post with a small ball or decorative end on one side and a larger ball or ornament on the other. The larger end prevents the jewelry from slipping out.

  6. Fishtail Nose Stud:

    • Fishtail nose studs have an extended, straight post that can be custom-cut to fit the wearer's nostril perfectly. The extra length allows for a more adjustable and comfortable fit.

  7. Corkscrew Nose Ring:

    • Similar to the nostril screw, the corkscrew nose ring has a spiral-shaped post that is twisted into the nostril piercing. This design adds a unique and stylish twist to the traditional nose ring.

  8. Septum Clicker:

    • While not a nostril ring, the septum clicker is a popular type of jewelry for septum piercings. It has a hinged design that clicks closed, creating a seamless and stylish look.

  9. Nose Stud with Chain:

    • This type of nose jewelry connects the nostril stud to an earring or cartilage piercing with a delicate chain, providing a more elaborate and connected appearance.

  10. Hoop with Charm or Dangle:

    • Nose hoops with charms or dangles add an extra element to the standard hoop design. The charm or dangle hangs from the hoop, creating a more intricate and decorative look.

When choosing a nose ring, it's essential to consider your personal style, comfort, and the specific type of nose piercing you have. Additionally, materials like surgical steel, titanium, and gold are commonly used for nose rings to reduce the risk of irritation or allergies. Always consult with a professional piercer for advice on selecting and caring for your nose ring.