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Say No To Piercing Guns

by Hadas Milrod on November 21, 2023

Using a piercing gun is generally discouraged by many professional piercers and health organizations for several reasons:

  1. Blunt Force Trauma: Piercing guns use a spring-loaded mechanism to force the jewelry through the skin. This can cause more trauma to the tissue compared to needles, which create a cleaner hole. The blunt force of a piercing gun can lead to more swelling, tissue damage, and a potentially longer healing process.

  2. Inaccuracy: Piercing guns may not be as precise as needles. They can cause uneven pressure and may not create a clean, straight hole. Uneven holes can contribute to complications during the healing process and may result in an aesthetically displeasing piercing.

  3. Cartilage Damage: Piercing guns are especially problematic for cartilage piercings. The force applied by the gun can shatter cartilage, leading to a higher risk of complications such as keloids or hypertrophic scarring.

  4. Risk of Infection: Piercing guns are more difficult to sterilize properly compared to needles. A poorly sterilized instrument can increase the risk of infection. Additionally, the earrings used in piercing guns are often made of lower-grade materials, which can also contribute to complications.

  5. Limited Jewelry Options: Piercing guns often use stud earrings with a butterfly backing. This type of jewelry can hinder proper airflow during the healing process and may cause complications such as irritation and infection.

  6. Pain and Discomfort: The forceful nature of piercing guns can cause more pain and discomfort during the piercing process. The experience is generally considered less pleasant compared to getting pierced with a needle.

For these reasons, it is recommended to choose a professional piercer who uses sterile needles and follows proper hygiene practices. Professional piercers are more likely to provide a safer and more comfortable piercing experience with better outcomes for healing.